Samís Family Dental is a full service dental office that specializes in quality removable
dentures and partials. We understand the anxieties that many people experience when
faced with the dentistís chair, and so we work hard to prove those anxieties unfounded.


My 9-year-old goddaughter Kimberly was vacationing with me for the summer when one day she complained in tears about her teeth hurting. I contacted Dr. Sam at Junction Dental late that afternoon, and Kimberly was scheduled for an appointment the very next day.

The dentists at Junction Dental x-rayed and examined Kimberly's teeth and identified multiple problems, including one tooth that needed a root canal. Because I wanted her dental work to be completed before I sent her home at the end of the summer, her dental work was started the very same day she was examined, and her visits were scheduled so her dental work would be finished before school started. I am happy to say that I drove Kimberly home with a mouth full of healthy teeth a week before she had to go back to school.

Just as importantly, however, the dentist and dental assistant who treated Kimberly were so kind, gentle, and patient that she actually looked forward to her appointments. She hugged them at the end of every visit, and took their pictures after her last visit.

I will always be grateful to the skilled, caring dentists and staff of Junction Dental Care. Thank you.


Richard M.
College Point, NY